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Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Antonio, Texas

Start with these reference images:

Using the reference as a guide, make a couple of reference marks as to where some of the shapes are. Starting at the top of the page, use Cerulean Blue and a touch of Cobalt Blue for the sky color, outline the shapes of the buildings and drop in some Winsor Yellow to indicate the tree areas. While the pigment is still wet, pick up some pigment with a Kleenex to indicate some cloud shapes. To indicate the building areas use Burnt Sienna, and paint the umbrellas with pure pigment, leaving white shapes for people. The water colors are Cerulean Blue and a touch of Gamboge. Let dry.

We are now focusing on our values in the middle range. Start building the palm tree with Cobalt Blue and Gamboge. Continue to build the foliage areas negatively painting the umbrellas. Show a shadow on the umbrellas. Use Cobalt Blue and Gamboge for the water area. The roof colors are Burnt Sienna with a touch of Ultramarine Blue. Let dry.

On our third wash we will be using our darker values on the value scale. Starting on the palm tree, show where your dark shapes are from your value study. Bring down that dark value onto the tree trunk. For the mass of the building use Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. When the shine is gone scratch into it with a credit card to bring out some shapes. Negatively paint the umbrellas and the white shapes of people in the foreground. Add some Ultramarine Blue and Gamboge on the tree to indicate some dark shapes. The water is Cobalt Blue and Gamboge. When almost dry use a credit card to scratch some movement into the water.